Planning and Consulting

We deliver documents that guide policy, strategy and site configuration. Together with our clients we manage the cost of projects and collaborate with our architects and engineers to reach advanced levels of sustainability.

Adaptation, Sanation and Renovation

The building materials used for old building renovation should be similar to original ones and be chosen in order to respect original urbanism and architecture. That way we bring back and add the deserved building value.

Real Estate

We offer complete investment solutions; finding the suitable plot for the customer, conducting the land proposal, the feasibility and architectural design of building projects, and the issuance of building permits through our network of experienced associates and partners (i.e real estate professionals, architects etc), as well as the construction of the property of your choice. Having gained lots of experience in our field, we are passionate about our job and producing a building of high quality and design and which blends in perfect harmony with the environment.

Other Professional Interior Works

Mittmann Haus offers also quality and professional:
masonry works,
facade works,
ceramic works,
painting works

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