Our company has been devoting itself to civil engineering constructions for over 20 years.

Our carefully selected equipment, innovative solutions and the use of advanced technology enable a quick and high-quality execution of the construction works.

Using contemporary construction machinery, we build housing that lasts a lifetime and follows all the best current energy standards.
Quality preparatory work is a pre-condition and foundation for the successful construction of the building. In line with our vision and mission, we are looking to provide first-class services to our customers at the outset and prepare everything necessary for successful construction.
Preparatory works include:
Preparation of a plot for construction,
Settlement of the terrain,
Removing trees, stones, etc.,
Swelling of the corners where water could accumulate,
Removal of the upper layer of soil,
As part of our services we also offer demolition works. With a trained team we perform the demolition of all types of objects. All demolition works are carried out with professional mechanization, which enables fast and safe execution.
After the demolition work is done, we also take care of the proper disposal of construction waste and take the materials to the disposal at your request.
Land works represent the first phase in building construction, so they have to be done in a quality and reliable fashion, as this will enable a smooth execution of all subsequent construction phases. Our expert and well-trained team will ensure the complete execution of earthworks, which includes excavation and filling and efficient preparation of the construction pit for the later laying of foundations.
We provide:
Quality excavation of the construction pit,
Taking into account soil specificity,
Professional execution of various types of construction excavations (vertical walls, wide excavation, contaminated walls)
Adjusting the slope of excavation and adequate insurance of the structure,
Removal and temporary storage of excavated material.
Quality concreting ensures long-lasting durability of the material and contributes to the overall rounding of construction work. Depending on your needs, we advise you on the selection of the most suitable concrete, that will ensure the longevity and resistance of the building.
We perform the following concrete works:
Concrete slabs and foundations,
Concrete walls,

Masonry works represents one of the most important elements of the construction, so it has to be dealt with care and precision to ensure a quality professional execution of the entire masonry works phase.
By choosing a masonry service, you will gain:
Quality and reliable execution of the ordered works,
Expert advice on the selection of the most suitable materials,
Acquainting with the advantages and disadvantages of individual materials,
Adapt to your needs and desires,
Top service and satisfaction with the final results of the work.

We offer the following brickwork:
Brick masonry,
Masonry with syphorex,
Bricklaying with concrete bricks,
Chimneys building.
The roof is actually the most exposed part of each building and on the one hand it must successfully withstand extreme climatic conditions, on the other hand it also represents an important aesthetic factor, which contributes to a overall image of the building. When choosing a roof covering, we must consider a number of factors, such as typical climate conditions, object architecture, energy economy, choice of suitable materials and much more.

With our roofing, you will gain:
Quality and precise installation of the roof,
Optimal solution tailored to the type of facility, weather factors and your needs,
Consultation on the choice of roofing,
Best choice and long service life of the roofing.

Our offer of carpentry works includes:
Roof constructions,
Wooden facade linings,
Wooden panels,
Renovation of the old roofs,
The quality of the façade is of great importance since the façade has the primary function of protecting the building against atmospheric influences, and at the same time, in the aesthetic sense, it adequately rounds the appearance of the building. During the construction of the facade, it is necessary to use the appropriate materials and perform the facade work professionally, with precision and quality. Facade insulation is also important because it prevents moisture formation, ensures higher quality of living and consequently means a great saving of money and energy.
With our facade works you will gain:
Top-notch service,
Best consultation about energy-saving facades (in winter lower heating costs, in the summer cheaper cooling),
Experienced advisory on the choice of the most suitable color according to the chosen type of facade.

Facade works comprise the following services:
Reconstruction of all types of facades,
Painting facades,
Production of thermal insulating facades,
Ceramic works represents an important intervention in a living space and it must ensure the long life of the materials used. Services must therefore be carried out professionally and accurately, as they can only ensure the highest quality of living.
Benefits you get with our ceramic works:
Precise and professional services carried out in the short deadlines,
Expert advisory in the selection of quality materials at right prices,
Reliability and quality guarantee.

Ceramic works comprise the following services:
Renovation of bathrooms,
Laying of floor ceramics,
Laying of wall ceramics
Painting works provide comprehensive solutions for all types of buildings and must be carried out professionally, since colors represent not only the aesthetic element of the building, but also significantly affect the person's mood and well-being. In painting industry, in the first phase, the proper preparation of the substrate for painting and professional technical implementation is of utmost importance, since it is only with this approach that long-term and high quality final results can be guaranteed.

The paintings are therefore carried out by a trained team with extensive knowledge of the types and characteristics of individual materials, the characteristics and appropriate methods of using colors, the most appropriate technological solutions, and the optimal ways of performing works. Based on a wealth of experience, they will be able to give you adequate advice, so that you will be satisfied with the final results and make your stay even more pleasant.

Painting works include:
Bleaching rooms,
Tamping and smoothing of walls and ceilings,
Removing of old colors,
Stencil and stucco,
Smoothing of all types of walls and ceilings
Painting of windows, doors, fences.

We are ready to make that perfect building that will change your life forever

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